curriculum vitae
2016 Studio artist at Open Hand Open Space, Reading
2013 Associate Artist at Open Hand, Open Space, Reading
2013 Retired from Graphic Design and resume painting
1998 Stop painting again, Full time freelance graphic design
1994 Return to Graphic Design part time and continue painting
1989 First painting sales, quit animation, take a “day” job
1987 Join and exhibit with Berkshire Artists Group
1985 Resume painting
1970 Stops painting
1967 Begin working in Animation
1967 Diploma Graphic Design, Ravensbourne College of Art & Design
2020 “Metaphorically Speaking Part 2” Solo, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead
2019 “Fates, Scars & Duals, Solo, Progress Theatre, Reading
2019 “Metaphorically Speaking” Solo, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead
2018 “Remind me to Remember” curated by Janet Curly Cannon, OpenHandOpenSpace, Reading
2018 “Cerebral Gas” curated by Ingrid Jensen, O
penHandOpenSpace, Reading
2018 “New to Newbury” Group show,  Newbury Library
2018 “Insight” Group show,  Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury
2018 “Imago” Group show,  OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading
2017 “Chaos, Contrast, Change” Group show,  OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading
2017 Group show, ArtScope Gallery, The Circle, Reading
2016 “Getting There”, Solo, OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading
2016 “Fire & Water” Group show,  OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading
2015 “When Waiting is Filled”, Solo, Peacock Gallery, Reading
2015 “Desire Lines” Group show,  OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading
2014 “Variations on a Theme” The Gallery at Elizabeth House, Cookham, Solo
2014 “Hanging Tough” Group show,  OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading
2013 “Work with Art”, Solo , Alliance Healthcare Chessington
2013 “Small Abstracts”, Solo, Town Hall, Maidenhead
1992 “Critics Choice”, Open, Tabernacle Gallery, London
1991 Solo, Casson Gallery, Eastbourne College
1989 “Small Jungles”, Solo, The Blue Nose Gallery, London
1987 “Berkshire Artists Group”, South Hill Park Arts Centre  
1987 “4 Berkshire Contemporary Artists”, Windsor Arts Centre
1987 “Berkshire Artists Group”, Reading Museum & Art Gallery
1987 Solo exhibition, Henley Exhibition Centre
2021 Online Q&A Flux Review Magazine
2020 Interview, BBC Radio Berkshire
2016 #Reading issue 6, “Painting is my life”
1996 Windsor & Maidenhead TV - 5 min Biographical programme
1995 Risk Magazine, 2 Images, Cover and Insert section
1989 Guardian Gallery page, Reproduction of no15_1988 “11th August”
1980 Photography Year Book, Photo p168
33 Private Collections
9 Corporate collections